The Model Boats, are an integral part of the weekend’s activities as we welcome a plethora of some of the most well respected Model Boat Clubs and Individuals to perform. The simply stunning surroundings we enjoy a Weston Park, provide an ideal platform for the guys to showcase their skills and really wow the crowds.


Read more below to find out what makes a Model Boat Show so special!


The boating lake at The Weston Park International Model Air Show, is hosted and run by Telford Model Boat Club which is an established and well respected club.


The club holds several regattas during the year, covering many of the members interests. The main area that many club members take part in, is hydro racing. This has its origin in the USA and is a very fast form of model boat racing.


The range of boat types covered is large, as is the type of engine. Engines can be powered by electric motors, petrol and methanol based fuel. The power output is very high as is the RPM. Speeds of up to 80 mph are possible on a large lake such as Telford's water at Priorslee and ensure an enthralling experience for all who witness them!



17 / 18 / 19 June 2016 - Weston Park

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