Find out more about some of the illustrious and prestigious exhibitors we already have joining us at our 2016 event below:


Headline Sponsor




Traplet Publications                                  RC Legends                                                 Flying Tech                                                          

Al's Hobbies                                              Prop Guy                                                       Weston UK

CCRC Models                                            MWM Warbirds                                             BMFA

CDS Models                                              Rapid Models                                                Merlin Innovations Ltd

Nexus Modelling Supplies                       Century UK Limited                                      RC Heli Guru                                                                                            

Vulcan Hobbies                                        RMP - Real Model Pilots                               RC World                                    

Toolbay Limited                                        G-Force RC                                                    ADFA Models                                                          

YT International                                         Falcon Aviation                                              Balsa Cabin                                        


White's Models                                          SLEC Manufacturing and Modelling           Inwood Models                                                     

Century UK                                                Southern Modelcraft                                     Real Model Pilots                                     

Gliders Distribution                                   PowerPlus Batteries                                    rckitsandbits                                     

Tooley's RC Toys                                      RC Hobby Mantra                                 



17 / 18 / 19 June 2016 - Weston Park

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