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Red Duo

The below comparison is taken from an article on the Mail Online website, which breaks down the specification of the Red Duo team and The Red Arrows Team:

    The BAE SYSTEMS Hawk T1 can reach speeds of 550 knots which is just over 600 miles per hour
    The Hawkís Rolls Royce Adour engine produces 5,200lbs of thrust
    The aircraft has a maximum altitude of 48,000ft and fuel capacity gives a range of 1,000nm
    The Red Arrowsí use up to 5 times the force of gravity (5'g') in their manoeuvres but the aeroplanes can go up to 8'g' the aircraftís limit


    The remote control plane can reach speeds of around 150mph - 200mph
    They are powered by a miniature gas turbine engine - the same as an airliner but on a smaller scale and produces 55lbs of thrust
    It has a maximum air time of seven minutes when using five litres of jet fuel
    The aircraft can travel as far as the eye can see but is usually flown at an average altitude of 1,000ft
    Its dimensions are approximately one quarter of a real Red Arrows plane:
    Wing span - 100 inches
    Length - 113 inches
    Weight - 25kg


You can read the full article on the Mail Online here

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